Ground Control
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Ground Control. Specialist for GPR* measurements.
All over the globe.

Ground Control is based in Munich - but working on projects wherever there are railway tracks. We are: International. Experienced. Efficient. All over the globe.

We are the specialist for the railway: We use SafeRailSystem for our GPR surveys on railway tracks - a GPR system developed by Ground Control together with partners. This system is specialised for operation on railway tracks.

GPR-antennae on measuring train (details)


SafeRailSystem is

  • The fastest GPR system on railway tracks,
  • With integrated positioning radar,
  • DGPS,
  • And video.

We use it for high speed GPR surveys on railway tracks.

  • We are experienced - from decades on thousands of track kilometres.
  • We work for railway customers all over the globe.
  • We use customized technologies.
  • We are the fastest.

We provide continuous information about the geotechnical conditions of the tracks. From the top of the ballast down to the soil. We analyse:

  • Thickness and condition of ballast bed.
  • Condition of ballast bed bottom.
  • Load-bearing capacity and track drainage situation.
  • Quality assessment of track renewal operations.
  • Undertrack conditions.

In addition, Ground Control offers the possibility to map pipes and cables crossing the track and to detect metallic and non-metallic objects. This can be done together with the geotechnical track survey and all in one run.

Measuring train EM-SAT with GPR-configuration

SafeRailSystem can be run on all trains.

  • Over any distance.
  • With any speed prescribed by the train schedule.
  • Without track closures.
  • With high resolution results.
  • And precise positioning.

Ground Control. A team with flat hierarchies. Competent and flexible:

  • People who feel personally responsible.
  • Open and flexible for specific needs.
  • Fast operation and short project times.
  • Results which provide security of planning.

Our customers define the problem. We provide the answer. Fast, economic and comprehensible. We speak our customer's language.

Ground Control offers you advantages. Take our word for it!

*GPR: Ground Penetrating Radar