Year after year we extend our clientele in Europe and worldwide. This is only possible because we can offer decisive benefits to our clients:

Ground Control is fast, reliable, competitive.

  • Fast, continuous and simultaneous survey on up to 8 profiles - even with 300 kph. Without having track closure and always within the timetable.
  • High shift capacity of many hundreds of kilometres for the fast survey of networks.
  • Highly accurate and detailed results for all depth ranges.
  • Detailed view of results in any required scale.
  • Presentation of GPR results including geotechnical parameters, integrated Google-Earth-View and Video.
  • Positioning of all geotechnical weak spots independent of track length with an accuracy better than 1 m.

Compatibility with other Measuring Systems

Our SafeRailSystem is the GPR system compatible with all current systems of measuring trains. This enables, for example, an integrated view of track geometry measurement and GPR results.

Efficient planning, high quality and reduced costs

  • Reliable information for safe and economic renewal operation.
  • High security for investment planning.
  • Targeted and detailed budgeting for maintenance operations.
  • Substantially reduced maintenance and renewal costs.

Our expertise for your success

  • We have more than 20 years' experience in GPR surveys.
  • We have surveyed more than 60,000 track kilometres throughout Europe and worldwide.
  • We have THE state-of-the-art technology product for GPR survey on railway tracks.
  • We speak our customers' language.

We speak our customers' language: Have a go at it and talk to us.

Ground Control offers you advantages. Take our word for it!


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