SafeRailSystem: For surveying geotechnical track conditions

The customer defines his requirements. Ground Control provides customized results. Our reliable and continuous information are prerequisites for safe and efficient track renewal operations. They are exactly what railway engineers in the world need for planning. 

Our GPR survey provides continuous details of track conditions. Railway engineers obtain important information about

  • Thickness of track bed and sub-ballast layer.
  • Sections with clean or fouled ballast. 
  • Drainage problems in ballast bed and undertrack. 
  • Mapping of load-bearing problems (settlements, ballast pockets). 
  • Anomalies along the track.

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Pipes and Cables

SafeRailSystem: For detecting objects inside rail tracks

The integration of additional special equipment into the SafeRailSystem enables mapping of pipes and cables as well as other objects inside the track together with the geotechnical survey in one run. There is no need for a new system configuration. Thus, in just one measuring run several different tasks can be executed: 

  • Detection of pipe and cable crossings along a track. Mapping of positions related to customer plans. 
  • Locating of metallic and non-metallic objects in the track. 
  • Accurate positioning of the located objects in GPS coordinates and customer specific coordinates.

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All this can be done at high speed.

Ground Control offers you advantages. Take our word for it!


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