SafeRailSystem of Ground Control is state of the art for GPR systems. It is based on more than 20 years of working experience with GPR and it is the product of continuous development and adaptation to the specific requirements of our international railway customers.

The technology of our GPR system offers many possibilities:

  • Survey of tracks of any length or even of the entire railway network.
  • High speed survey of 900 track kilometres per run.
  • 2,000 scans per second.
  • Each channel is controlled separately, allowing even speeds of more than 300 kph.
  • Three or even more longitudinal profiles provide track cross section at any position.
  • Measurement only between sleepers to avoid disturbances.
  • Scan distance between 2 cm and 60 cm for coping with all customer requirements.
  • Antennae frequencies between 100 MHz and 900 MHz for high resolution in all depths.

  • 1,024 pulses per scan for detailed resolution in any scale.
  • Special antennae for geotechnical track mapping.
  • Special antennae for mapping cables, pipes and objects.
  • Both geotechnical survey and mapping of cables in one run with high speed.
  • System-embedded positioning radar for accurate allocation of all measuring data along the entire track. Accuracy better than 0.5 m.
  • System-integrated DGPS for reception of world wide satellite systems GPS and GLONASS. Correction data for GPS via GSM or EGNOS for an accuracy better than 0.3 m.



  • Displaying of survey track and all constructions in Google Earth.
  • System-integrated Video-camera for continuous view of survey track.
  • System-specific Viewer-programme for display of the GPR results related to the geotechnical conditions of the track, including Google-Earth-view and Video-camera-pictures.






SafeRailSystem of Ground Control is THE technology for GPR-surveys on railway tracks. WORLDWIDE.

Ground Control offers you advantages. Take our word for it!


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